Theo Breaux|Actor

News & Information
* August 2019 - Theo is co-starring on the Showtime series "Shameless"!
* July 2019 - Theo is co-starring on the FOX series "9-1-1"!
* December 2018 - Theo will co-satr on the new HBO drama "Euphoria"!
* 2018 Theo has booked a co-starrin role in the series "Animal Kingdom" on TNT
* 2018 Theo has booked a guest starring role in the popular YouTube series, "Escape The Night" for season 3!
* October 2017 - Theo booked a co-starring role on the USA Network true crime drama "Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G." airing early next year!

* September 2017 - Theo booked a co-starring role on the FOX comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"!

* May 2017 - Theo just signed theatrically with The Michael Zanuck Agency

* September 2016 - Theo has created, written and starred in the pilot for the new television series "Then What Happened?" alongside "MadTV's" Debra Wilson! Please stay tuned for exciting news and updates concerning where you can see this funny new comedy!

* October 2015 - Theo is joining the cast of the award-winning web series "Last Life" playing the role of Blood Born member Dylan! Catch up on the first season now at just in time to see Dylan make his debut in season 2!

* August 2015 - Theo is now playing a recurring medic on the new CBS medical drama "Code Black"!

* March 2015 - Theo booked a co-starring role on the new CBS pilot "Code Black"!

October 2014 - Theo booked a supporting role in the web series  "A.S.K. (What Could Be The Harm)" Please "like" and support the Facebook page as well: "A.S.K. (What Could Be The Harm)"

August 2014 Theo just signed theatrically with the Actors & Artists Agency. 

July 2014 - Want to learn more about Theo Breaux?  Please read The Robb Company Interview w/ Theo Breaux by Nancy Fulton.

July 2014 - Theo booked the lead role in the short film "Criminales" set to film in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita in August!

May 2014 - Theo booked a co-star on an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!"  He starts filming next week.

April 2013 - Theo will be competing in the NPC/IFBB ( Men's Physique Competition. He is a huge fitness buff, so please stay tuned for the results of the competition.

* February 2013 - Theo just finished filming a short film titled "The Beat That Her Heart Skipped" and is currently filming an episode of the ID Network show "Blood Relatives."

* February 2013 - See Theo as "Dr. Marcus Phillips" in the viral, short film sensation "The Takeover."
You can view "The Takeover" by clicking the link!